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Amber Gaige

Amber Gaige is a second-generation entrepreneur, a certified StoryBrand Guide, and outside of the box marketing strategist.

Demystifying Marketing for busy business owners.

Amber is not just a marketer; she’s a powerhouse of strategic brilliance and proven success in navigating the challenging landscapes of competitive industries like manufacturing, home services, and technology.

With over a twenty years of hands-on experience leading the marketing departments of multiple organizations – Amber also achieved early success by selling her own company to private equity – just five years after it’s inception.

A Certified StoryBrand Guide and a proud Baylor University graduate, Amber is more than just qualifications on paper – she’s a dedicated wife and mother, embodying the values that drive her to achieve challenging goals.

Today, Amber tirelessly dedicates herself to assisting business leaders in not just surviving but thriving. She is passionate about helping business operators seamlessly integrate marketing and technology solutions, dominate their markets and take their businesses to the next level.

Amber is your go-to expert for increasing profits, avoiding wasteful marketing expenditures, and achieving ambitious business growth goals. Her expertise goes beyond theory; it’s grounded in a track record of success.

As a sought-after marketing consultant, speaker, and podcast guest, Amber has formulated the “Four C’s of Effective Marketing” – a transformative framework that she shares with captivated audiences and clients across the United States. 

When you bring Amber to your event, you’re not just getting a speaker; you’re getting a catalyst for change, an architect of success, and a partner in your journey to unparalleled business growth.

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The Far Beyond Marketing Guidebook

The Far Beyond Marketing Guidebook

Marketing Made Ridiculously Easy: Your No-Sweat, Go-To Guide for Conquering the Chaos and Crushing the Competition.